Prime yourself

Last year, there was a lot of positive hum travelling through the blogvine about the film Primer. It has finally shown up here in the UK in DVD form.

I rented and watched the movie last night. Then I watched it again, this time with the director’s commentary. Then I went online and started reading discussions about the movie. Now I’m beginning to get it. I may watch it one more time before I have to get the DVD back to the shop.

I would like to offer some humble opinion and some advice:

  1. Try to not read or hear anything about the plot before watching the movie.
  2. Watch it. It’s great. It looks great, it sounds great, the acting is great… it’s just great.
  3. After watching it — but not before — read this bulletin board discussion. It helps clarify things better than the Wikipedia entry or this very detailed diagram.
  4. Now watch it again.

You may want to just go ahead and buy the DVD rather than simply renting it.

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