The Empire Moves House

A few weeks ago, Norm! was down in Brighton to visit Jessica and myself (he came bearing gifts of Flickr schwag). In the course of his visit, we paid a visit to the local lego shop. Norm! bought a B-Wing bomber and Jessica bought a TIE interceptor — they may think of themselves as Star Wars fans but I wiped the floor with them when we played Star Wars Trivial Pursuit.

We were discussing our impending move and Norm! made Jessica promise that when she was bringing the TIE interceptor to the new flat, she would have to:

  1. keep it one piece and
  2. fly it down the street making TIE fighter engine noises.

Well, the move continues apace. Jessica and I have managed to get most of our junk over to the new flat. True to her word, Jessica flew her lego TIE interceptor through the streets of Brighton.

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