API changes

If you’re using either the Flickr or Del.icio.us APIs, be aware that some changes have been to both recently.

Cal Henderson announced on the Flickr API mailing list that…

…the API endpoints have been changed from https://www.flickr.com/services/ to http://api.flickr.com/services/

The documentation will be updated by and by. If you’re making use of the Flickr API, now would be a good time to go in and rewrite those URLs. I’ve updated Adactio Elsewhere to use the new URLs. There are no plans to get rid of the old endpoints but all developers are encouraged to make the change.

Back in May, the Del.icio.us team announced that all API requests would need to go over SSL:

If the old URL was http://del.icio.us/api/posts/get, the new URL will be https://api.del.icio.us/v1/posts/get

I missed the memo so, like Dom, I was caught out by the change. On Adactio Elsewhere, I switched over to using PHP’s curl functions to retrieve the XML files and that seems to do the trick nicely.

If you’re tinkering with either API, take note of these changes.

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