Reading through the post-d.Construct buzz, I see a number of recurring themes:

  1. The seats were too narrow.
  2. The badge incorporating the programme was ingenious.
  3. The Backnetwork rocked.

I’m certainly in agreement with that third point. Every conference should have an app like the Backnetwork.

I exchanged a couple of business cards over the weekend but really, it wasn’t something I needed to worry about. I knew I could just go into my network and download any vCards (via hCards) that I wanted.

It’s fun watching the Backnetwork fill up with Flickr pics, blog posts and reviews as attendees document their time at d.Construct. For my part, I’ve been updating my list of contacts to incorporate more people that I met over the weekend.

Thanks to the magic of XFN, here’s a microformatted incomplete list of the wonderful people I know from d.Construct, copied and pasted from my profile:

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