Audio book

I’ve recorded each chapter of Resilient Web Design as MP3 files that I’ve been releasing once a week. The final chapter is recorded and released so my audio work is done here.

If you want subscribe to the podcast, pop this RSS feed into your podcast software of choice. Or use one of these links:

Or if you can have it as one single MP3 file to listen to as an audio book. It’s two hours long.

So, for those keeping count, the book is now available as HTML, PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and MP3.

Have you published a response to this? :


Stuart Robson

both - I opened the link from that page which opened the app & copied the url from the page which “auto-pastes” into the app.

Stuart Robson

I’m not entirely sure what it is … but from memory, there’s something in the XML(?) that Downcast needs/doesn’t like.

Stuart Robson

sorry I can’t help further — if you need me to re-test - don’t hesitate :)

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