Opera in London

I’ve just come offstage, having spoken at the Opera Backstage event in Leicester Square in London.

I was very pleased to be asked to speak. I decided to do a really pretentious over-the-top talk, which I hastily prepared on the train the day before. Forgoing slides, I settled on using the same JavaScript teleprompter that I used at Reboot.

The best laid plans of mice and men…

In between walking from my seat to the stage, my iBook died. It just shut down and wouldn’t start up again. I was left standing on stage with no slides, no script, nothing. It was like that dream where you show up for school without your pants.

“Screw it”, I thought. I decided to wing it. I think I managed to recall most of what I was going to say. It was mostly about science-fiction and Irish poets.

Now I’m done talking, my laptop is behaving just fine. Typical.

I’ve posted the script of what I was planning to say — which is, more or less, what I ended up saying — over in the articles section.

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