Geekend in Ironbridge

I’m in a lovely little cottage in the town of Ironbridge, the self-styled birthplace of industry. This is the setting for the current Britpack geekend, and the turnout is pretty darn big.

We’ve been doing some touristy stuff; strolling through the quaint village in lovely weather, eating pub lunches, going to the Enginuity part of the museum of iron, and this evening we went to a fireworks display at a Victorian town.

Of course, the real reason for travelling all this way is to feed our latest dirty habit: playing Werewolf with fellow geeks. That’s what we did tonight, ensconced in our cosy cottage. Now, with the air thick with paranoia and recriminations, I think I’ll call it a night.

Before leaving tomorrow, I must remember to actually walk across the eponymous iron bridge and take some more pictures.

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