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14 years ago I wrote Yonder on the horizon

On the flight back from Barcelona, iPod earbuds bouncing the warm sounds of My Morning Jacket against my eardrums, I attempted to relax and read The Player Of Games. Ironically, two people sitting in front of me were real-life players of a game. Specifica

17 years ago I wrote Xmess

It’s that time of year again when everywhere I look, I see the abbreviation "Xmas".

17 years ago I wrote Google

Steven Levy has written a great article outlining the history of Google and how it has come to dominate life on- and offline.

17 years ago I wrote She Haw

Went to see She Haw. They were great.

18 years ago I wrote The James Bond Villain Personality Test

Apparently, I’m Francisco Scaramanga.