Do the right semantic thing

Jason Kottke wrote about a new site on the block called Do The Right Thing:

The site works on a modified Digg model. If you see a story you like, you click a button to declare your interest in it. But then you also rate the social impact of the subject of the story, either positive or negative.

As soon as I read this, I immediately thought of vote-links. I wrote about vote-links before in an article for 24 Ways.

Do The Right Thing is already linking to other sites with “impact” ratings shown next each link. Depending on how people have voted for the social impact of the linked resource, this rating is either positive or negative. With the addition of rev="vote-for" or rev="vote-against" the community judgement could be explicitly encoded in the links.

I signed up for Do The Right Thing so that I could use the members-only feedback form to suggest this addition. Alas, the overly clever feedback form couldn’t be submitted in Camino, my current browser of choice.

Update: The feedback form has been fixed. Not only that but the guy doing the fixing turns out to be Jarkko Laine, who I once had dinner with in Copenhagen. Small world.

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