Print matters

The Future of Web Apps conference finished with a day of workshops. I did a half day of beginning Ajax and had a lot of fun doing it.

I stuck around afterwards to sit in on Stefan Magdalinski’s workshop. Each workshop lasted just three hours—three and a half hours really, but there was coffee break in the middle. While I was frantically trying to cram my material into what seemed like a short space of time, Stefan was worried about having enough material to fill the alloted time. He needn’t have worried. He had plenty of stories from the trenches of They Work For You, Up My Street and the latest venture,

It was particularly enlightening to hear about the challenges of producing a physical product. It’s pretty clear from the success of great sites like Moo, JPEG Magazine and Threadless that there’s something special about holding a created object in your hands.

I had the pleasure of holding my own printed object in my hands when I got home from the day of workshops. New Riders—having inadvertently sent the original package to Dori’s house—sent an express delivery of two shiny copies of my brand new book, Bulletproof Ajax.

Bulletproof Ajax

Can you tell that I’m quite pleased with it?

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