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Paul Boag—of Boagworld, um… “fame”—has started up a podcast for dot net magazine (a magazine which has nothing to do with Microsoft’s .NET thingymajiggy). It’s like a less polished and more nerdy version of This Week in Tech: a bunch of geeks shooting the breeze and chewing the fat.

I joined in for episode two of the podcast, wherein I called Jakob Nielsen “a dick”. For some reason I was invited back for episode three and I proceeded to use the word “bollocks” to describe Web 2.0.

See what happens when remarks are quoted out of context?

I’m really not all that curmudgeonly, honest. Subscribe to the podcast if you don’t believe me.

If you want to hear me natter on even more, you can listen to a full half-hour’s worth of a chat I had with Scott Fegette of Adobe. It’s mostly about JavaScript and Ajax. It was recorded at Web Directions North and if my voice sounds a little deep and husky, I blame that entirely on the Media Temple party fiends who abducted me the night before.

Here’s the audio file and here’s the podcast feed.

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