Herding Hackcats

I’ve arrived at Alexandra Palace after a long and circuitous journey from Brighton. Richard and I caught an earlier train than Andy but he still managed to get here before us. I blame Tantek.

Right now I’m listening to Aaron and Dan talk about machine tags—a subject dear to my heart.

There’s a great atmosphere here at Ally Pally… it’s a dark, dimly-lit atmosphere like Jabba’s palace but it’s great to be in one place together with so many fellow geeks.

Once the talks are done, the hard work begins. I think my job will mostly involve trying to organise all the people who have expressed an interest in helping me with my somewhat ambitious project. Some very, very smart people promised to help me so I’m hopeful that by tomorrow I’ll have something to show. The tricky thing will be making sure that things don’t get too unwieldy so I plan to split people into smaller, more focused teams. Andy thinks they should be called “Tiger Teams” but I’ve nixed that idea. ‘Cause it’s stupid.

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