Hackday isn’t really a day: it’s two days. Day two is well underway now. Some sleep has been snatched, breakfast has been consumed and everyone is in crunch mode.

Time is of the essence. In just three hours, the hacking stops and the hacks will be presented: it’s like a marathon session Ready, Steady, Cook with a less culinary and a more cerebral slant (although I have seen at least one cookery-related hack).

At this stage, there is little that I can contribute to the gaming hack. With real programmers like Gareth, Matt and Colin on the job, I’m realising just how crap my programming chops are. Meanwhile Natalie and Ben are doing a great job with the front end design; I don’t think they need any assistance so me.

So basically, I’ve become middle management. My only real input was herding everyone together at the beginning of Hackday, explaining the vague concept I had and then splitting people into groups. Ever since then, I’ve just been skirting around the edges and trying not to interfere too much.

I can’t even begin to express how impressed I am with the work and dedication these guys have shown. They’ve got 1337 hax0r skillz. Amazingly, I get the feeling that this is par for the course at Hackday. I think there’s going to be some amazing stuff shown at 2pm.

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