Apple doesn’t get the Web

Now, now, don’t go jumping to any conclusions. I’m not Apple-bashing here, I’m just sayin’…

Apple make great products—those new iMacs, the iPhone, all that stuff. And the operating system and desktop software that ships on a Mac is, for the most part, superb. But in the fast-moving, messy world of online services I don’t think the genius-led design of Apple can compete with the truckloads of nimble young upstarts making snazzily addictive products on the Web. Competing against a behemoth like Microsoft is one game; competing against an ecosystem of hungry start-ups and bedroom coders is a different proposition.

But I’m not complaining. I quite like this status quo. As long as Apple keep making great hardware and software, I’m happy. I’ll just look elsewhere for examples of great design on the Web… and when I say design, I definitely mean more than simply visual design.

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