Illinois apart

Things are busy, busy, busy at Clearleft. As well as the regular client work, we’re on the home stretch for dConstruct 2007. I’ve been slacking off with the podcast and I really need to knuckle down and hammer out the format for the upcoming microformats workshop. The food blog and DOM Scripting blog have been sorely neglected too but that’s nothing new.

I really shouldn’t be taking any time out right now but I can’t resist the lure of a few days in Chicago. I have the great honour of being asked to speak at An Event Apart, the traveling roadshow for people who make websites. Tomorrow morning I’ll be getting the bus to Heathrow where a plane awaits, ready to whisk me across the pond.

I’ve never been to Chicago before. I hear the skyline is breathtaking. I’ve been reading up on the local attractions on offer and before the conference kicks off I’m hoping to make it to the aquarium and the Field Museum (where a Darwin exhibition is currently running).

Most of all, I’m determined to sample and . My explorations will, of course, be documented on Flickr.

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