Local activity

It’s been a busy few days for geeks gatherings here in Brighton.

On Thursday, I was too knackered from band practice to make it along to the Brighton Web Awards (part of the Digital Festival) so I missed seeing my Clearleft cohort Sophie win the award for best blog. Mazel tov!

The next day at the Clearleft HQ was spent trying not to let slip to Paul that a surprise birthday party was being planned for him. Said party was a most enjoyable affair. I think I enjoyed myself a little too much because I’ve spent most of the subsequent day nursing a sore head. That’s why I didn’t make it along to the local Hack Day.

Now I’m going to leave my seaside town for a few days. I’ll be up in London for on Monday and Tuesday. I’m very much looking forward to seeing Derek, John and all the other geniuses who will be in town. I’ll be moderating the conference’s closing panel. If you have any ideas about what I should be asking the panelists, leave a comment over on the DOM Scripting blog.

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