It’s time for my next Stateside trip. Tomorrow I’ll be making the long haul from Heathrow to San Francisco.

But this time, I won’t be staying in town. On Friday, I’ll be heading upcountry to join a gathering of ridiculously smart people for the Social Graph Foo Camp. I’m already feeling intimidated—I hope I’ll be able to bring something useful to the table even though my area of expertise feels woefully inadequate: hCard, XFN, and that’s pretty much it.

I’ll be spending ten hours on an airplane and then three days sleeping on O’Reilly’s floor. Between the flight and the camping, I’ll get a day or two in San Francisco, which I’ll probably spend running around like crazy trying to see my friends.

Mind you, most of my web design friends won’t be there. They’ll all be up in Canada living the designer cliché, snowboarding on the slopes of Whistler. Ah, how I wish I could be in both places at once! I’m sure Web Directions North will be amazing. I had a great time there last year. I still get a kick out of watching this little bit of mischief in the snow.

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