Jelly Bed

I like it when geek travellers from afar pay Brighton a visit. This weekend Matt and Cindy came to town. This neatly coincided with Jina’s visit. She’ll be be partaking in The Future Of Web Design this week so right now she’s acclimatising here in Brighton.

There are two things I do whenever I have a visitor staying over:

  1. update my bedroll,
  2. try to convince the visitor to eat .

Shaun wouldn’t do it. Derek wouldn’t do it. Dave wouldn’t do it. Jina did it.

Jina's jellied eels Om nom bleurgh! An acquired taste

It strikes me that this practice of telling someone they are about try a local delicacy when in fact they are about to consume slimy fish in salty gunk is the gastronomic equivalent of rickrolling. But with jelly. It’s jellyrolling.

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