Mission Statement Generator

This is hilarious and slightly frightening.

Catbert’s Mission Statement Generator gives a random "Mission Statement" every time you load the page. That’s the hilarious part. What’s frightening is that most of them sound exactly like the real thing. I can just imagine execs finding this site and using it as a goldmine for drafting mission statements.

Here are some real world examples of mission statements, taken at random from Brighton New Media companies, that could have come from Catbert:

"We help businesses to find their voice, project their personality and fulfil their potential through strategic branding, corporate communications and internet solutions."

"We completely engineer high standards in resources for 100% customer satisfaction"

"We provide creative and technical solutions that meet clear communications and business goals."

Actually, I lied. One of those is from Catbert’s Mission Statement Generator. Can you spot the fake?

Me neither.

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