Tinkering with the themes

Hopefully, you won’t notice anything different but I’ve been tinkering with the stylesheets for the various themes for the site.

After I read this piece at frownland, I realised I was kind of cheating with my theme-switching widget. I was using server-side code (PHP) to change the "eyecandy" for each theme.

Now, I think I’ve managed to achieve a fairly complete seperation of style and content. In fact, I would be able to use the excellent one-click style-switching widget if it weren’t for the fact that each theme uses two stylesheets.

I use <link> to call up one stylesheet with all the basic stuff (fonts, colours, etc.) that even Netscape 4 can understand. I use @import for the second stylesheet which has all the fancy positioning stuff.

That way, older browsers that don’t understand @import just get the basic styles.

The only fly in the ointment is Internet Explorer 4.5 for the Mac. It *thinks* it understands @import but then proceeds to totally mangle the styles.

A non-compliant browser that thinks it is standards-compliant. It is, as a friend of mine put it, "the worst kind of idiot".

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