For the fifth(!) year in a row, I’m going to South by Southwest Interactive. I leave for Texas tomorrow.

Going to a conference is usually like going to a concert. You’re with a bunch of like-minded people getting up close and personal with those people on the stage.

SxSWi is more like a music festival. Let’s face it, festivals aren’t the best place to hear music. But it’s still a lot of fun to go crazy for a weekend with a whole tribe of like-minded people. That’s how Southby feels to me although it isn’t exactly like a music festival because I don’t plan to spend the whole time sitting in a tent waving my hand in front of my face getting, like, totally wicked tracers.

There will be beer. I’ve updated Adactio Austin, my hCard, hCalendar, OpenStreetMap mashup of all the finest soirées, the finest of which is The Great British Booze-up. Alas, I’ll be ducking out of my own party at some stage but with good reason. I’m going to be appearing on The Heather Gold Show.

Apart from spending some quality time extracting the panda out of Paul during the Boagworld live recording, my only daytime obligation is a panel on Saturday morning called Microformats: A Quiet Revolution where I’ll be talking about some of the stuff I’ve been doing on Huffduffer. I would invite you to come along but it’s on at the same time as a presentation by Brendan Dawes, Jim Coudal, and Gary Hustwit—you’d be crazy to pass that up.

I’ll have a limited supply of Huffduffer badges, sorry… buttons, so if you want one, just ask. Even if you don’t, say Hi anyway. Much as I love going meeting up with all my friends in Austin, I really, really enjoy meeting new people. So if you’re going to there, let’s get together for a Shiner Bock or two.

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