The bleat, the pretzel and the president

One of my all-time favourite websites is, home to The Institute Of Official Cheer featuring The Gallery Of Regrettable Food, probably the funniest thing I have ever read on or off the web.

I was surprised, though, by Mr. Lileks’ outrage at this cartoon about which he vented in a recent bleat:

"This particular strip, though, made my jaw clang on the counter. The strip - written well in advance, of course, was timed for the day after the State of the Union speech, and it calls the president a drunk."

Ummm… I don’t want to burst anyone’s reality bubble, least of all the bubble of so talented a writer as James Lileks, but everyone I’ve talked to about Pretzelgate pretty much assumes that, in the words of the cartoon, "the guy was drunk".

I guess I just find it odd that this suggestion could be construed as outragous given Bush’s history. And, hey, he’s been under a lot of pressure lately so if he wants to do some falling down, let him.

Still, it was slightly disconcerting to see James Lileks briefly metamorphise into Sam, the bald eagle from The Muppet Show.

He also ranted about those lefties over at Metafilter, which admittedly is not the best place to hang out if you’re a Bush fan.

Personally, this Metafilter post is my favourite comment on the whole pretzel incident:

"I was watching the news and they quoted Bush as saying something about having not been out for too long as his "dogs hadn’t moved" when he came around.

That’s just what I want, a President that gauges the passage of time by the motion of dogs."

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