I’ve been turned into a caricature. Again.

First there was my Happy Webby, now it’s Smashing Magazine (and that’s not even counting CSS Squirrel).

Happy Webby illustration by Brad Colbow

The very talented Brad Colbow created a comic version of my post Misunderstanding Markup. Not a bad likeness, eh? Mind you, I think Eva-Lotta Lamm really managed to capture my essence at dConstruct last year.

Jeremy Keith @ d.construct 2008: The System of the World

There’s no denying it; I’m much more likely to read something from start to finish when it’s in comic form. Scott McCloud’s Google Chrome comic is the perfect example—it’s unlikely that I would have read the entire technical documentation for a web browser if it hadn’t been presented as . Now take a look at the “about” page on Huffduffer—wouldn’t you be more likely to digest that content if it were illustrated?

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