What Apple Should Do to Increase Marketshare

Here’s an interesting little piece that could put one of those cartoon lightbulbs above Steve Jobs’ head.

The idea is simple. Apple should acquire Connectix so that they can bundle Virtual PC into their operating system. That’s it.

Thinking about it, this really would be a stroke of genius.

As it is, Virtual PC is (virtually) indispensable to me. I had a meeting yesterday where I was able to show a site in progress on a wide range of browsers and platforms using the combination of iBook + Virtual PC. It’s has made meetings like this incredibly productive.

Of course, it’s not just browsers you can run in Virtual PC. Running Word, Excel or any of the other office applications presents no problems. True, you won’t be able to play games - it has its limits.

Can you imagine the difference it would make to someone thinking of upgrading from a PC? Right now, I think a lot of people are put of by the thought of having to buy new software for the mac. With Virtual PC preinstalled, that wouldn’t be a problem.

Credit where credit’s due, this meme was germinated in the mind of Cameron Barrett.

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