Talking the talk

I’ve been doing a fair bit of yakking lately, all recorded for posterity.

First off, I had a chat with Tim from Design Critique on Ajax design considerations, mostly recapping what I talked about UI13 last year.

Jeremy Keith on Ajax design considerations on Huffduffer

After that, I had a natter with Ross from Web Axe, this time focusing on practical web accessibility.

Web Axe Episode 75: Jeremy Keith interview, Google Wave on Huffduffer

Then Andy, Rich and I paid a visit to the Boagworld crew out in the back of beyond where we had a free-for-all five-way chat about Clearleft and Headscape.

Boagworld 188: Clearscape Or Headleft? on Huffduffer

Lastly, I had a video chat with Ryan Taylor for his series, Please Start From The Beginning.

Please start from the beginning… with Jeremy Keith

Add them all up and you’ve got a veritable aural onslaught. If you manage to make it through all of those, then you will almost certainly be very weary of listening to my voice.

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