Next month in HTML5

I hereby declare April to be HTML5 Month …at least for me. I’m about to embark to on a month of markup pedagogy. I’ll be expounding on the language features of HTML5 at various locations across meat- and cyberspace.

It all starts on April 7th in Seattle. That’s where I’ll be delivering one half of A Day Apart. My brother in arms, Dan the CSS3 Man, will be delivering the other half. While An Event Apart itself has sold out, workshop places are still available so if you’re going to be anywhere near the emerald city, grab a ticket for $449.

After that, my next HTML5 appearance will be virtual. You can join me on April 12th for the first hour of the HTML5 Online Conference. I’ll be setting the scene and acting as warm-up man for Bruce, Peter and Remy. It’s not quite the same as being in the same room as such luminaries, but it won’t increase your carbon footprint. You can get a ticket for $150.

Finally, my pièce de résistance on April 23rd will be a full-day workshop on HTML5 for Web Designers. Don’t let the title fool you; it just means that I’ll be dealing with semantics, structural elements, audio, video, input types and outline algorithms rather than offline storage, canvas or drag’n’drop: language features rather than platform features, mostly. The workshop will take place at the rather excellent Lighthouse facilities right here in Brighton, in the same building as the Clearleft office. Book your place for £395 (or £195 if you’re a student).

I’m going to be living and breathing HTML5 for most of April. If all goes according to plan, the month will be topped off with the first publication from A Book Apart.

More on that later…

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