These were my jams

This Is My Jam was a lovely website. Created by Hannah and Matt in 2011, it ran until 2015, at which point they had to shut it down. But they made sure to shut it down with care and consideration.

In many ways, This Is My Jam was the antithesis of the prevailing Silicon Valley mindset. Instead of valuing growth and scale above all else, it was deliberately thoughtful. Rather than “maximising engagement”, it asked you to slow down and just share one thing: what piece of music are you really into right now? It was up to you to decide whether “right now” meant this year, this month, this week, or this day.

I used to post songs there sporadically. Here’s a round-up of the twelve songs I posted in 2013. There was always some reason for posting a particular piece of music.

I was reminded of This Is My Jam recently when I logged into Spotify (not something I do that often). As part of the site’s shutdown, you could export all your jams into a Spotify playlist. Here’s mine.

Listening back to these 50 songs all these years later gave me the warm fuzzies.

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Joe Crawford

These were my jams by adactio showed up in my usually neglected RSS reader. I have very fond memories of This is My Jam! What a great site. I considered their exit from service super classy, and said so at the time.

When I was first getting online at a place not at an “Internet Cafe” it was often in IRC channels dedicated to music and music trivia. When I was paying for an account it was AOL at first, and I enjoyed the music trivia chat rooms there. Music 100% unifies us.

Was it really 2021 back when I posted about a music wrap up from gRegor? Well, yes.

Music is fun to talk about. It’s fun to debate. And it’s fun to listen to.

And it’s a great joy to have the excuse to “try on” the tastes of other people.

I like it when others’ passions can get absorbed into my own.


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