More speakers for UX London 2023

I’d like to play it cool when I announce the latest speakers for UX London 2023, like I could be all nonchalant and say, “oh yeah, did I not mention these people are also speaking…?”

But I wouldn’t be able to keep up that façade for longer than a second. The truth is I am excited to the point of skittish gigglyness about this line-up.

Look, I’ll let you explore these speakers for yourself while I try to remain calm and simply enumerate the latest additions…

A smiling white woman with shoulder-length brown hair wearing a bright red top in a pink chair in front of a bright blue wall. A studio portrait of a white woman with long straight light brown hair wearing a black top. A smiling black man with glasses and close-cropped hair and beard wearing a leather jacket outdoors.

The line-up is almost complete now! Just one more speaker to announce.

I highly recommend you get your UX London ticket if you haven’t already. You won’t want to miss this!

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