Silicon Beach

I spent yesterday evening in the company of fellow Brightonites of the new-media persuasion.

The good people at Silicon Beach organised a day-long event. I missed the afternoon seminars because of band practice. The really interesting stuff was in the evening anyway.

Head honchos from Get Frank, Kerb and Victoria Real all came along to share their experiences and answer questions.

Their experiences could be mostly summed up as:

"We were really lucky a couple of years ago that people threw loads of money at us to do online stuff… I wouldn’t want to try to break into that market now."

The questions boiled down to:

"How did you come up with the company name?"

The Kerb presentation was by far the most entertaining, complete with chicken anecdotes, animation demonstrations and a sneak peak at their soon to be relaunched website.

I also took some pictures.

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