I managed to get out and play in trad sessions for four days straight: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Two fiddlers, a whistler and a guitarist playing around a pub table. A concertina player, banjo player, and fiddler playing round a pub table festooned with pints. A bodhrán player, guitarist and fiddler playing around a pub table with drinks on it. Two fiddlers and an accordion player gathered round a pub table, playing.

Today I rest. Or rather, I pack.

There won’t be any Irish music sessions in my calendar for at least the next two weeks. There won’t be much of anything in my calendar. I’m about to be incommunicado as I travel to Amerikay on the wide Atlantic ocean.

You might have seen that video that’s been doing the rounds about how cruise ships got so big. I’m not going on a cruise. I’m going on a crossing. That video ends with:

There are over 320 cruise ships sailing around the world right now. But there’s only one ocean liner left. The Queen Mary 2.

That’s going to be my mode of transportation and my home for the next week.

Then I’ll be in New York for a weekend, followed by most of a week lying on St. Augustine beach in Florida.

All of my sparklines are about to flatline for a while: no blog posts, no links, no notes. I won’t have any internet access on board the ship.

Time for me to switch off my work email. I thought about setting up an autoresponder to let people know that I won’t be replying to their email for a few weeks. But then I thought, how is that any different from how I normally respond to email?

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Chris Coyier

@adactio I notice that every picture of a session I ever see seems to be at a proper table. Which makes sense? Tables are great. In my little world of Old Time, the jams are never at tables, it’s always a little circle of chairs. Tiny table in the middle if you’re lucky.


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