American oriole wings its way across Atlantic to Baltimore, Ireland

I remember reading through the Encycolepdia Brittanica as a kid in Ireland and reading that the world’s biggest aquarium was in Baltimore.

"Wow", I remember thinking, "that’s not far from here".

Of course I soon found out that most of the time when the word Baltimore appears in print or on television, it’s probably the city in the States that’s being referred to and not the small village in west Cork.

Well, not in this case: what are the chances of a Baltimore oriole not just reaching Ireland, but reaching the village of Baltimore?

By the way, I did end up visiting that aquarium in Baltimore, USA. I’ve still never made it to Baltimore, west Cork.

Now sing this to the tune of "New York, New York":

"Start spreading manure

and making the hay.

I want to be a part of it:

west Cork, west Cork."

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