CNN, CIA, See No Evil

CNN really need to get a fact checker.

An article entitled "Complaint prompts CIA to curb cookies" contained the following piece of misinformation:

"The agency removed software from one of its Web sites this week after a private group discovered that the CIA was using banned Internet tracking technology called "cookies," said Mike Stepp, who manages the CIA’s public Web site."

Cookies, banned? Hardly. If they were, this site would be breaking the law by allowing visitors to set preferences for which theme they want to view.

It’s also worth noting that the CNN website itself sets quite a few cookies - try surfing there with your cookie preferences set to "Ask for each cookie".

Ah, CNN - that great bastion of investigative reporting - as long as they’re reporting something stamped with the White House seal of approval - exposing the nasty, illicit doings of the CIA.

Never mind if the Central Intelligence Agency helps to overthrow democratically elected governments or fund islamic fundamendalists, they’re setting cookies from their website, goshdarnit.

CNN’s priorities, like their fact-checking process, are dubious to say the least.

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