Paying lip-service to usability

Here’s an article about usability in The Guardian.

It has some good (if somewhat obvious) points but it’s not very well written.

I found it funny that the author, like the rest of us, was decrying the use of pop-up ads:

"…the web is already too slow, it is insane to make it even slower by making users wait for a pop-up that most will close in less than a second anyway. It just drives users away."

Guess what happens when you visit the Guardian website? That’s right - a pop-up window appears.

Still, at least the Guardian site is reasonably uncluttered. That’s more than can be said for the website of Smart Business magazine which has another article about usability.

Read the first page of the article, all about the user experience, click on the link to the next page and what happens? Yup - another pop-up window.

People, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars hiring usability testing companies. I’ll tell you this for free: we all hate pop-up ads.

Google hates pop-ups, too. We love Google.

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