Ketchup Packet Bear

Picture an attacking polar bear fashioned out of tomato ketchup packets:

"The sauce packet bear emerged from a discovery that ketchup packets burst open when you hit them with a BB gun."

Just one in a series entitled "Incredible Stuff I Made". The series was originally going to be titled "ordinary junk any moron could slap together".

The sauce packet bear reminds me of some the more original work I saw when I was at Art College.

I remember the pedal-powered life-size car that someone built out in the courtyard. It was in this same courtyard that some kind of giant effigy was erected and then set alight. The burning of the effigy was filmed (hey, it’s Art).

It almost burned down the College. We stood watching the flames licking the side of the building.

"Where did you get the petrol from?" asked Andrew, the biker art student.

Later on I saw Andrew trying in vain to get his motorbike started. The tank was empty.

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