Searching for the Biological Roots of Consciousness

Apple have posted up an article about a fellow named Christof Koch.

Basically, Koch is taking the consciousness debate away from philosophical debates and into the laboratory. To test his theory that consciousness originates from a specific set of nerve cells in the brain, Koch has set out to find that set.

He has a powerful ally on his side: Francis Crick. He’s the Crick in Watson and Crick, the Nobel prizewinning duo who revealed the double-helix shape of DNA (notice I say "revealed", not "discovered" - there’s still controversy about some concurrent research done at the time… but I won’t go into that here).

If you’re wondering why this kind of thing would appear on Apple’s website… well, guess what computers Koch is using for his research.

In fact, he’s such a Mac fan, he has the logo tattooed on his shoulder.

I want one.

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