New 'Zouk

A couple of weeks ago, I had little disaster at band practice. My bouzouki took a nasty knock and the socket for the pick-up was completely bashed in.

It was the last straw. My instrument had been deteriorating for quite a while anyway and I decided there and then that the time had come to get a new one.

I couldn’t really afford it but I ordered a new instrument the very next day at the local music shop. I was told it would take at least five weeks - a reasonable amount of time considering that it was going to be practically handmade.

Imagine, then, my utter joy when I got a call today from the local music shop telling me that my new bouzouki had arrived less than two weeks after I placed my order.

I rushed over, coughed up the dough and took my new pride and joy down to the beach where I soaked up the sun and played some jigs and reels.

I’m happy as can be. I’m also, unfortunately, impecunious as can be.

Well, I’d rather be happy than rich. That said, if anybody’s looking for the services of freelance web developer, you know where to find me.

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