No Macs need apply

Jessica and I have thinking about getting some of our stuff insured (the computers, musical intruments, etc.). Jessica spent some time today comparing insurance policies online.

One insurance broker we definitely won’t be using is Lloyds TSB.

They obviously care about their online presence - they snapped up the domain "". Yet, when Jessica or I attempt to actually find any information on insurance policies, we are confronted with a screen telling us that Macs can’t access the site.

All we wanted was some information - just text, that’s all, nothing fancy.

Jessica was kind enough to write them a quick email to tell them that they had lost our custom.

They did write back. They sent a generic "we apologize for the situation" message suggesting that we ‘phone one of their agents "…who will be able to assist you further".

Hmmm… how do I know if I’ve got a compatible ‘phone?

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