Web services, Weblogs and Wired

Here’s an excellent article in The Guardian by all-round good guy, Ben Hammersley all about web services.

John Dowdell concurs.

John Dowdell is one of those Macromedia employees who are now blogging. This was reported recently in Wired. The Wired article states:

"Macromedia asks only that its bloggers keep their postings relevant — no blogging about what they ate for breakfast, in other words."

Well, I’ve got one up on everyone else then. I happen to know some non-Flash related things about John Dowdell. I know for a fact that he, like me, plays Irish traditional music.

Two of the discussion lists I’m subscribed to are about web design and one is about Irish traditional music. At some stage I noticed that there was only one other individual subscribed to all three lists: John Dowdell.

So, to me, he’s not just some faceless Macromedia employee. He’s a concertina playing faceless Macromedia employee.

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