In case you haven’t seen, I’ve been making some changes over at Jessica’s site. In fact, I’ve rebuilt it completely.

The whole thing is now based around XML files parsed by PHP, much like this site.

Best of all, though, Jessica has officially joined the ranks of the blogger army. Expect thoughtful, well-written posts to be the norm.

I’m still not too sure about the design of the front page, but the articles within the site are definitely more "usable" now. I’ll probably change the front page design over time as it becomes clearer exactly what’s needed.

The nice thing is that, now that the content and design are completely separated, tweaking the design (or even changing it completely) will be quite easy.

If you haven’t read any of the stuff at Jessica’s site, set aside some time and have a nice leisurely browse through some great writing.

Share and enjoy.

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