Hei Hei

I’m taking off for the weekend.

Jessica and I are going to…

"Finland, Finland, Finland,

the country where I want to be,

pony trekking or camping,

or just watching TV."

We’ll be visiting our friend Gorsharn who’s been there for the better part of a year teaching English in the town of Imatra, seven miles from the Russian border.

This will be the furthest east I’ve ever been…

"You’re so near to Russia.

so far from Japan,

quite a long way from Cairo,

lots of miles from Vietnam."

We’ve quite a long day’s travelling ahead of us tomorrow: a walk to the bus station, a two hour bus ride to Heathrow, a three hour plane journey to Helsinki, a bus to the train station, a three hour train ride to Imatra.

Then we’ll be ready to see all that Finland has to offer…

"You’re so sadly neglected

and often ignored,

a poor second to Belgium

when going abroad."

If I find an Internet cafe, I’ll post an update or two here. Otherwise, I’ll fill you in on everything once I get back on Monday evening.

I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures.

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