The Rambling Speaker

Jessica is now the proud owner of a 150 Watt bass speaker.

We found it in a second-hand music shop on the other side of town. The shopkeeper said it had belonged to somebody famous but he couldn’t remember who.

We were a bit unsure about whether to get a speaker or not. We had no idea if the old valve amp we had lugged all the way from Germany still worked or not.

Jessica decided to take the plunge once she confirmed that, should there be a problem with the amp, we could just bring the speaker back.

One taxi ride across town later, we had the amp and speaker connected.

Jessica plugged in her bass. We heard a hum. She plucked a string.


It sounds pretty darn good. If you want to hear it for yourself, you’ll have to come along to the next concert.

A little while after we got the bass speaker up and running, I was noodling around on my bouzouki. The noodling turned into a tune which didn’t sound that bad. I quickly jotted down the music in case I forgot it.

So, here’s my first jig: The Rambling Speaker.

You can decide for yourself whether the title refers to the bass equipment or my way of telling a story.

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