The Mirror Project

If you’re a regular visitor here, then you’ll probably have noticed something new on the journal page - a random picture from The Mirror Project.

The Mirror Project is a spin-off from Jezebel’s Mirror, a collection of mirror photographs on Heather Champ’s website, Harrumph!

The other mind behind the project, Aaron Straup Cope, came up with a neat little Mirror Project widget for displaying a random picture.

Unfortunately, I can’t use the widget. It doesn’t produce XHTML strict code.

So, what I’ve done is kind of clumsy, but it works. I take one line from the RSS feed available at the website. This is the line with the latest picture ID. I then come up with a random number between 1 and this number.

Once I’ve got a random number within the range of the pictures available, it’s a piece of cake to link to that picture.

I see your eyes glazing over.

Anyway, the journal page now has some random eyecandy. Try pressing "Refresh" a few times to see some new pictures.

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