Well, I finally joined the twenty-first century. I finally got the place fixed up with an ADSL connection.

After comparing some ISPs, I decided to plump for Eclipse. I had already ordered a nice 4 port ethernet router from Alcatel.

(I must admit I felt a twinge of consience in my choice of router supplier when I heard that they’re trying to force their employees to sign away the rights to their own thoughts.)

So, here’s my network set-up:

My iMac is connected via ethernet to the router. I have the Brickhouse firewall app installed on this machine to keep all the nasty haxx0rs out.

Using the great IPNetShareX, I have a wireless network set up to share to connection with my iBook and Jessica’s iMac.

Actually, that’s the way I was sharing the internet connection anyway, even when it was plain old dial-up. The only difference is that now it seems to be acting a little flaky. Grrr…

Still, it’s great to be able to use the telephone and surf the web at the same time. That was actually my main reason for getting ADSL.

Mind you, it sure is fun to watch big quicktime movies and listen to streaming internet radio. Not at the same time, of course.

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