I just picked up the most recent copy of Cre@teOnline.

The price of the magazine went up a while back to a hefty £6. To compensate for this, there was a CD-ROM included with each issue.

There was no CD-ROM with the newest issue. Instead, there was a "secret" link to exclusive online content.

With heavy heart, I followed the link. As I feared, the entire site is still riddled with JavaScript bugs that throw up errors in IE5 on the Mac.

I opened up Mail and wrote this hearfelt plea to the editor:

"Please, either bring back the CD-ROM or fix the JavaScript errors that the Create Online website is riddled with.

I stopped visiting the Create Online website quite a while back because these errors were so infuriating. Try visiting the site with IE5 on the Mac - every time you mouse over a menu item, an error pops up. Presumably, there’s supposed to be some kind of DHTML drop down menu there but I’m not seeing it. Neither are any of the other visitors using IE5 on the Mac - a very popular browser in the web design community where Macs are represented far more than they are in other sectors.

In the past, I’ve written emails to various addresses listed at the website offering my services to help fix these bugs. I’ve never received a reply, but my offer still stands.

At least the CD-ROM was reasonably cross platform.

So please, please, please either bring back the CD-ROM or fix your website.

Thanks in advance,


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