Road trips for the wilfully ignorant

You may remember when I told you about the road trip I took in Arizona, I mentioned going to the wonderful Meteor Crater.

The gift shop at Meteor Crater is filled with many trinkets, some of them only tangentially related to planetary impacts. There were, for example, toy dinosaurs.

The following was overheard in that gift shop:

Boy: "Dad! Look! Dinosaurs!"

Father: "Now, there’s nothing in the bible about dinosaurs so I don’t think we want anything to do with that."

That family is on the wrong road trip. I felt like warning them not to go north - they might end up at the Grand Canyon which could cast some serious doubt on their theories about the age of the planet.

Probably not, actually.

But, thanks to the internet, I have found the perfect destination for their next road trip:

The Creation Evidence Musem in, where else, Texas.

Of course, from there it’s a heck of a long trek to make it to Dinosaur Gardens Prehistoric Zoo in MIchigan:

"This eerie park is unique in its mixture of dinosaurs and cavemen with Christianity."

I shouldn’t knock it. I’ve never been to these places.

I have, however, been to Nash Dino Land in South Hadley, Massachusetts but I couldn’t really recommend it as part of a good creationist road trip.

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