It’s time for a new CSS theme ‘round here.

The newest theme is my little expression of solidarity with the weblog Davezilla.

In case you missed it, Dave of Davezilla received a cease and desist letter from lawyers representing the Toho corporation who are, it seems, in possesion of a trademark covering things that end with "zilla".

These lawyers, evidently, failed the "Is It Godzilla?" quiz.

Anyway, to show support for Dave in my own little way, I decided to put together a new CSS theme based around a nifty picture of a dinosaur and add the suffix "zilla" to the name of the theme.

Try it out for yourself: Adactizilla.

The dinosaur is, as far as I can make out, an allosaurus.

Although it’s quite life-like, I must confess that I didn’t risk life and limb to bravely snap off a close-up of a live dinosaur. I’m afraid it’s just a statue I photographed at the McDonald’s across the road from Gas City just outside Benson, Arizona.

I have no idea why it’s there.

I love the fact that there’s a Shell Oil sign in the background. Ah, the cycle of life!

I always thought it was daringly honest of the Sinclair oil company to have a dinosaur in their logo. It’s like putting a picture of a horse into the logo of a glue company.

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