And the winner is...

This website was nominated for an award.

Specifically, it was in the "Personal Sites" category of the Brighton & Hove Virtual Festival awards.

The awards ceremony was last night. People representing the shortlisted sites came along hoping to be the ones to win an a certificate, a t-shirt and some goodies from O’Reilly.

I didn’t win anything. The winner in the "Personal Sites" category was cartoonist, Alex Hallett. Congratulations to her (and, no, she didn’t win the award because she’s a very attractive young lady - the judges didn’t realise she was female until it came time to announce the winners).

I found it interesting that there was a special award for accessibility. The award went to a very nice site called Learning Navigators.

When the web developer for the site collected his award, he thanked Julie Howell of the RNIB. He was at the same Macromedia seminar on accessibility that I was and Julie’s talk persuaded him to make websites as accessible as possible.

It’s good to see this kind of thing being rewarded.

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