Twenty Ten

…another year over, and what have you done?

Well, quite a bit actually, Mr. Lennon.

In 2010 Jessica and I moved into our new home in the Elm Grove area of Brighton. It’s a really nice place in a quiet neighbourhood and it lies at the top of a fairly steep hill, which may be of benefit to my physical condition. This is also the first place that we’re not renting. We’ve got a mortgage now, which technically puts us in the category of being homeowners …although it’s actually the bank that owns it.

In 2010 I became a cyborg. I’ve been wearing glasses since September. They’re especially handy for conference halls and cinemas.

In 2010 Salter Cane released their second album, Sorrow. Modesty forbids me naming it album of the year. That accolade undoubtedly goes to High Violet by The National (and film of the year undoubtedly goes to Inception).

In 2010 my third book was published. I’m very proud of it.

In 2010 I spoke at An Event Apart five times in five different cities in the US. I loved every minute of it.

In 2010 I compèred dConstruct. It was the best yet.

In 2010 I attended the wedding of Simon and Nat and officiated at Cindy and Matt’s wedding. They were joyous occasions.

In 2010 I organised the world’s first Science Hack Day in London and attended the world’s second Science Hack Day in San Francisco. Both events were indescribably excellent.

Bring on 2011.

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