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  • Webmonkey: HTML5 Gains Logo, Loses Meaning

    It doesn’t really matter if the New York Times thinks CSS 3 or SVG are HTML5, but we’d like to think that at least the organization in charge of describing what is, and is not, HTML5 would make some effort to distinguish between tools. Lumping everything together is as silly as a carpenter referring to every tool in their toolkit as “a hammer.”

  • CNET News: W3C’s new logo promotes HTML5—and more

    Curiously, though, the standards group—the very people one might expect to have the narrowest interpretation of what exactly HTML5 means—instead say it stands for a swath of new Web technologies extending well beyond the next version of Hypertext Markup Language.

  • GigaOM: The Truth Behind HTML5′s New Logo Fiasco

    It’s as if the government suddenly announced that from today, all vegetables will be called potatoes, just because some vegetables are potatoes.

  • The Register: W3C tackles HTML5 confusion with, um, more confusion

    And much like Apple, Google, and Microsoft before it, the organization that oversees HTML5 has confused it with all sorts of other web standards.

  • The Web Standards Project: HTML5 logo: be proud, but don’t muddy the waters!

    Now the W3C has come out and essentially condoned the branding of everything from CSS to actual HTML5 to WOFF as “HTML5”. We can’t imagine a single action that will cause more confusion than this misguided decision (and the W3C has produced some pretty impenetrable specs in its time)

  • Roger Johansson: HTML5 now includes CSS3, SVG and WOFF?

    This move from the W3C will not help people differentiate between very different technologies.

  • CSS Squirrel: HTML5 Super Friends Assemble!

    The logo is pretty, but the intentional use of HTML5 as a blanket term for other modern web technologies is a crock. Newspapers making merry with the term is one thing, but a web standards organization?

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As if the mainstream isn’t confused enough as it is, the W3C has gone ahead and unveiled a new logo for HTML5 and used it as the umbrella term for the latest technologies in front-end web development, much to all the standardistas’ protests.

HTML5 is HTML but now, apparently, it now also encompasses CSS3, the new audio and video formats, and even more jargon like geolocation, web sockets, SVG, and so on.

Another interesting development is the resurgence of standards compliance buttons that were in vogue years before the term “social media” even existed. Still not thrilled about a craze that doesn’t really blend well in designs.

At least they look cooler now? There seems to be a bit of a superhero vibe to the logo (with the shield and the “5” looking like Superman’s “S”) and the rest of the symbols.

# Friday, January 21st, 2011 at 12:00am

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