Wired News: A Site for Your Eyes

Wired News has switched over to an all-out XHTML/CSS layout.

This is a great piece of news for anyone that’s interested in pushing for the adoption of Web Standards.

It’s about time we had a high-profile poster boy for lean, mean, tableless sites. A List Apart has had to shoulder the responsibility for far too long.

There’s a new article up at Wired News explaining the many benefits of using CSS for layout. Hopefully this will serve as an inspiration to other site owners.

I remember the flood of CSS based layouts on personal sites following the big change over at A List Apart. It would be great if we saw another wave of standards compliant designs, this time by news sites.

Have you published a response to this? :


Fabio Venni

oh man, I remember viewsourcing the s—- out of it! 😊


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